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Philly Business Journal: Blue Bell Country Club to Get Another $3M in Upgrades in Celebration of it's 25th Anniversary

March 12, 2019

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From Jamaica Nation to Culinary Innovation

May 14, 2018

Blue Bell Country Club welcomes Chef Sutayna ( “Chef Sue”):


“Chef Sue” was born on the only snow free country that was the first to have a bobsled team in the winter Olympics, home to the fastest man on earth (Usain Bolt), with an island smaller than the state of Connecticut, and has bragging rights as the birthplace of the reggae icon, Bob Marley!  By the time Sutayna was nine years old, her mother and grandmother taught her everything that she needed to know to take over the chore of cooking for her family of twelve.  At age eleven, she moved from Jamaica to the states and settled in Chester County. A natural athlete, Chef Sue excelled as a power forward in basketball and held her own playing softball and soccer or “football”.  Chef was formally traine