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From Jamaica Nation to Culinary Innovation

Blue Bell Country Club welcomes Chef Sutayna ( “Chef Sue”):

“Chef Sue” was born on the only snow free country that was the first to have a bobsled team in the winter Olympics, home to the fastest man on earth (Usain Bolt), with an island smaller than the state of Connecticut, and has bragging rights as the birthplace of the reggae icon, Bob Marley! By the time Sutayna was nine years old, her mother and grandmother taught her everything that she needed to know to take over the chore of cooking for her family of twelve. At age eleven, she moved from Jamaica to the states and settled in Chester County. A natural athlete, Chef Sue excelled as a power forward in basketball and held her own playing softball and soccer or “football”. Chef was formally trained at the esteemed Johnson & Wales College in Rhode Island where other notable chefs including Emeril Lagasse and Tyler Florence once studied.

There is something about the art of preparing food for country club members that is in Chef Sue’s DNA. This is evidenced by her 14 year stint with top notch clubs in the tri-state area.

We are so lucky to have her with us at Blue Bell, not only for her culinary talent, but also for the wonderful person that she is. When I asked chef about what inspired her about developing menus for Arnie’s, she said that it was all about “Lifestyle Menuing” or understanding how our members appreciate food as fuel to exercise and new dishes around which to socialize. As a chef, Sutayna prefers simple recipes using sustainable ingredients and healthier cooking methods (sautéed or baked verses fried).

Don’t be surprised if you see new specials on the menu like Escovitch (spicy fried fish) or Callaloo (leafy spinach- like green), or Jerk Chicken. Chef would love to share her island flair with our members and give them a taste of her homeland. As for foods that chef enjoys eating, since she is lactose intolerant, all of the Asian cuisines rank #1, with Mexican food coming in a close second. If you ever hear chef singing to herself, its probably a song from her favorite reggae band, Chronixx. She may even introduce Red Stripe Beer to one of our beer tastings!

Interested in trying Chef Sue's new specials for yourself? Give Arnie's a call at (215) 616-8109 to make a reservation, or just come and grab a stool.

Located just 25 minutes from Center City Philadelphia and situated in the heart of Blue Bell, Pa., Normandy Farm Hotel and Conference Center is more than a meticulously restored American landmark—it's a fully wired, high-tech hospitality venue. Relax on our grand terrace, sip a cocktail in America's oldest silo, play a challenging game of golf on our championship course, plan an event with us or dine on our delectable farm-to-table cuisine. It all adds up to One Historic Experience.

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