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Blue Bell Country Club Thanksgiving Catering

Will your family and friends be flocking to your house this Thanksgiving? If you're like most, you can barely find the time to go to the grocery store let alone cook, bake, and clean. There are several common threads that are woven through the Thanksgiving holiday but most special is togetherness. The dining room table is where stories are shared, jokes are told, and family history is recounted. Regretfully, you may have missed so much of the conversation because you have been in the kitchen preparing for your guests.

No need to feel guilty about putting your foot down this year and hanging the “kitchen closed” sign above the sink. You can still be the hostess with the mostest however this year you’ll be leaving the cooking to the chefs at your very own country club. You’ve been given the “gift of time” to relax and take care of yourself before you host this year's Thanksgiving celebration.

Pre-order Executive Chef Su's entire Thanksgiving meal or just the options of your choice, and we'll have them ready for pick-up on Thanksgiving day.



Turkey Breast (8 lb.)

Whole Turkey (15 lb.)

Prime Rib (8.5 lb. or 15-17 lb.)


Mashed Potatoes (5 lb.)

Candied Yams (5 lb.)

Roasted Brussels Sprouts (5 lb.)

Green Bean Casserole (5 lb.)

Traditional Stuffing (5 lb.)

Mixed Green Salad (1/2 pan)

Cranberry Sauce (quart)

Gravy (quart)



The Great Pumpkin

Granny's Apple

Bourbon Pecan

Salted Caramel Honey

Coconut Cream Pie


Orders must be placed by Friday, November 22nd at No cancellations within 72 hours of Thanksgiving Day. All prices are plus 6% sales tax & 20% service charge. When placing your order, please select a pick-up time on November 28th: 11am, 12pm, or 1pm.

If you have any questions, please contact Liz Claus: | 215-616-8114

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