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Philadelphia Business Journal, "Family-owned company plans multimillion-dollar upgrades for Mon

Hansen Properties is planning to grow its corporate business and expand the guest experience through a multimillion-dollar renovation of its Normandy Farm Hotel & Conference Center and neighboring Blue Bell Country Club, writes Kenneth Hilario for Philadelphia Business Journal.

The main goal of the planned upgrades is to improve the overall services at both sites. The Normandy Farm is looking to grow its corporate retreat business, while Blue Bell Country Club’s renovations focus heavily on enhancing the golfer experience.

The renovations at the Normandy Farm will cost an estimated $1.7 million. The planned changes include giving the room’s new furniture, art, carpets and rustic wall treatments, as well as installing vibrant carpeting in the corridors.

New flooring, paint, window treatments, and furniture are also planned for the main lobby.

The upgrades planned for the Blue Bell Country Club will cost an estimated $2 million. As part of the renovations an outdoor fire pit and irrigation will be added and the greenside bunkers on the gold course will be revitalized.

“We started an initiative to become the ‘farm of the future’ three years ago, and these projects are a continuation of that effort,” commented Bud Hansen of the family-owned Hansen Properties.

Read more about the planned upgrades at Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.

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