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Q & A with Superintendent, Curtis Harder

Blue Bell Country Club is excited to announce the completion of our bunker restoration project with the Better Billy Bunker System. We recently took a few minutes to speak with our Superintendent, Curtis Harder who explained first hand the impact of these projects and how they will affect both course conditions and member playability for years to come. Continue reading for an exclusive Q & A with Membership Director, Rich Clegg and Superintendent, Curtis Harder.

Question – Curtis, can you explain the difference between the Better Billy Bunker System and the previous "traditional" bunkers? Answer – The replacement of our traditional bunkers with Better Billy Bunker liner will greatly improve the playing consistency as well as drainage characteristics experienced during rainfall. This was achieved by utilizing a spray on polymer binding gravel material to create the new bunker liner. See photo:

Question – In addition to better drainage, will our members observe any other improvements in our bunkers in 2017? Answer – Along with better drainage, the bunker's turf quality has also been enhanced due to sodding the surrounds, giving the overall bunker complex a full face lift. Question – Our understanding is that Total Turf Golf Services, Inc. was selected over multiple other companies that install Better Billy Bunkers. What specifically stood our with Total Turf that made you confident they would provide Blue Bell Country Club with the best product? Answer – Total Turf has worked with some of the most prestigious clubs in the Delaware Valley. Our management staff was welcomed to tour Aronimink Golf Club during their construction last fall. Aronomink is one of many clubs that total turf has been fortunate to work with. Some of their other projects included: Lancaster Country Club, Saucon Valley Country Club, Philadelphia Country Club, and Huntington Valley Country Club to name a few. It was a unanimous decision to move forward with Total Turf.

Question – Curtis, can you please provide us with a quick update on where we are with the irrigation project? Answer – In the past few weeks, the irrigation project has been moving at a rapid pace. Installation with George E. Lay Company has gone very well. We are nearing the end of our project with a tentative completion date of mid-July. Myself and the Club is very excited to be utilizing the new rain bird IC irrigation system for the remainder of the 2017 season. The excitement around the Club is at an all time high. As we see the product of these investments come to life, we anticipate that a wait-list is not far away. During the first three Saturdays of July, I will be hosting an Open House from 11am-1pm. Please click the link below if you would like to RSVP for any of these dates. Rich Clegg Membership Director Direct Phone: 215-616-8508 Email:

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