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A Permanent Smile Arrives At Blue Bell Country Club

Meet Jennifer Davies

Jennifer Davies BBCC GM

As I sit across from Jennifer Davies, it becomes immediately apparent that she has the know-how and the confidence to inspire her team to greatness at every touch point of the Club. Having a boss, leader, coach, and mentor like Blue Bell Country Club’s new General Manager is every hungry hospitality professionals’ dream, but what makes her irresistibly attractive is the positive energy force that draws you in to her orb. It all begins with her nearly permanent smile.

Over the years, Jennifer has spent some time on the links, however does not play often. You would be more likely to see Jennifer in a pastry kitchen, basketball court, walking her rescue puppy “Dug the Dog” (“he wasn’t smart enough to earn the “o”), or leading a motivational huddle with her service team.

If you ever want to see Jennifer’s face light up like a Christmas tree, just mention her 25 year old daughter, Annelise. Jennifer raised her daughter to make good decisions and take calculated risks, and this is evidenced by Annelise’s career track and independence; settling into a new career and new community in Southeast Louisiana. Another great accomplishment was when Jennifer became a self taught pastry chef and earned Best of Philly for her Sticky Buns and Banana Cream Pie recipe. When asked what her favorite dessert was, Jennifer responded , Ouef a la Neige . Who knew that this French classic was a “Floating Island” of meringue in custard sauce? Surprisingly, Jennifer’s favorite meal of the day is breakfast and her beloved local spot is the Trolley Car Diner on Germantown Pike (near Chestnut Hill). Her most adored hang out is Pepe’s Café, however you’ll need to pack a suitcase if you want to try it for yourself, as it is located in Key West, Florida.

Ouef a la Neige

As Jennifer reflects back on her recent decision to accept the GM role at BBCC, she spoke about the popularity and recognition that the club has experienced over the past three years and the momentum that is already in place. She acknowledges that the landscape of the private club industry is changing. The sleepy golf course days are going away. Private Clubs are where family time happens. She views the Club of the future as a place for men, women and children to grow their game and where friendship and camaraderie develop for a lifetime.

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