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3 Types Of Customer Appreciation Events That Keep It Real

When it comes to customer appreciation, it’s all about keeping it real. Sure, a handwritten note is universally recognized as an incredibly nice gesture, but ultimately is disposed of. The focus should be on creating a lasting memory through an experience with your brand that leaves no question about your gratitude. Here are three ideas to say “thank you” in a very real way. 1. Customer Appreciation Events

Experiential events are becoming the rage in the Philadelphia market. These events blend a number of elements that allow your customer to touch, taste, and experience your brand. Many have found that it is most economic to host these events in the first quarter of the year as venues often offer more aggressive rates and it sets the tone for your relationship with your client for the rest of the year. Whether you call it a holiday party, a customer appreciation event, or your annual kickoff, clients appreciate a reason to dine out without the pressure to buy something from you. Go nuts with custom wireless application delivery, your customers’ names in lights, or even branded photo booths. Or feel free to effortlessly show off your brand through slideshows in the background, display tables, and branded napkins, pens, etc. around the room.

2. Golf Outings

Let’s face it – a ton of business is still done on the golf course. Corporate outings are increasing in popularity due to the rise of exciting new players such as Jordan Speith, Ricky Fowler, and Lexi Thompson. As a result of the rising demand, exclusive country clubs have increasingly begun accepting small corporate outings even from non members. Sharing common interests/values is a great way to solidify a bond between customers and brand. It helps to bring the people element into your business where customers can get one on one attention from your staff and gives your company a persona. Bonus points for golf outings that donate the proceeds to a local non-profit organization to show your company values community service and stewardship.

3. Teambuilding Events

Team building is a concept that is most often used as a means for internal departments within the same corporation to develop rapport. Think of your team and your customer’s team as one giant team taking on your specific market. It is important that you also have rapport and work together in harmony so that when tough situations arise, solutions naturally become more synergistic. Team building activities range from wacky golf challenges to culinary activities such as cooking for a cause, and they provide real and entertaining ways to bond with and thank your customer. You’ll be thankful that you were able to create a networking event. Your guests get face-to-face interaction, and the experience is fun!

About Normandy Farm Normandy Farm is located in the heart of Montgomery County, in Blue Bell, PA, and is a first-class boutique hotel and conference center. It is a fully wired, high tech hospitality venue offering two ballrooms, outdoor garden spaces and elegant indoor options for up to 400 guests. It’s variety of meeting spaces in addition to “the farmer’s daughter restaurant” are ideal spaces for holiday parties, networking functions, teambuilding events, and galas. Tucked inside Normandy Farm is a photography studio and floral shop to make your planning experience a one stop shop.

Blue Bell Country Club, Normandy Farm’s sister property, is conveniently located across the street in Blue Bell, PA. One of only three Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Clubs in the Greater Philadelphia, Blue Bell Country Club offers an exclusive private atmosphere to those seeking an unparalleled golf experience, first class recreational amenities and exquisite food and drink. The Country Club’s outing model is all inclusive. For growing foundations or employee appreciation events that are looking to enhance their guest’s experience, there are a variety of options to take your golf outing or teambuilding event to the next level. The possibilities today are limitless.

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